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Microsoft Windows
Tera Term Pro for
This free software has full color and graphics support. I recommend this over Hyperterminal.
Hyperterminal Private Edition Update
This free update will allow you to play Galactic Trader with full graphic and color support.
Galactic Trader Sound Pack
Unzip these files into your Teraterm or Zmud program folder to add full support for Galactic Trader, including MSP sound.
GLQuake 1.13b
This is the final, unofficial GLQuake add-on for the full version of Quake. Includes dynamic lighting, bump mapping, and transparent water.
Java Runtime 1.3.1
If you are unable to use the keyboard with our older games such as Nibbly and Night Driver, install this version of Java. It can coexist with Java 1.6.

OS/2 Warp
Improved BBS and telnet client, allows scrollback, REXX scripting, and much more.